VIDEO: Watch an Auto Driver Surprise his Passenger by Strumming the ‘Sholay’ Theme on his Guitar

Recently, Kunj Karia rode an auto in Mumbai. While conversing with the driver, Kunj came to know that he used to be a professional guitarist once. Watch the beautiful moment when he played a background score from Sholay, on Kunj's guitar.

Recently, Kunj Karia rode an auto in Mumbai. While conversing with the driver, Kunj came to know that he used to be a professional guitarist once. Watch the beautiful moment when he played a background score from Sholay, on Kunj’s guitar.

There is an artist in many of us. But sometimes we have to give up on that artist inside, to deal with the obstacles and circumstances put forth by life. Recently, Kunj Karia, a music lover and a blogger from Mumbai, met one such person. On his way back from his guitar class, Kunj rode an auto, only to realize that the auto-driver used to be a musician and playing the guitar was his sole passion once.

“Don’t give up on guitar for a year and the guitar won’t give up on you ever”  said the driver to Kunj.


When asked why he gave up his passion, he informed – “I was married and I needed something which assured my family food, at least twice a day.” He used to play in pubs and restaurants with his friends about 10 years ago, but soon, putting food on the table made him give up his work as a professional guitarist; as the opportunities became less and money became scarce.

“Every evening we used to meet, play our favorite songs and perform at some bars if we could get in. Good times, those.”

The driver asked Kunj if he could play the guitar for a moment, and oh, what a moment it was. Watch the video here:

To read the entire conversation or to reach out to the auto driver, please get in touch with Kunj Karia on his blog.

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