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‘Learnt From My Mother’: IAS Officer’s 12 Key Parenting Lessons Go Viral on Twitter

In a viral Twitter thread, IAS officer Divya Mittal shared 12 parenting lessons she learnt from her mother on how to raise a kind, well-rounded individual.

‘Learnt From My Mother’: IAS Officer’s 12 Key Parenting Lessons Go Viral on Twitter

Any parent will admit that they want to give their child the best in life, and raise a kind, well-rounded individual. But in today’s day and age, with more resources and a myriad of conflicting advice, which path should they follow? 

IAS officer Divya Mittal shared some parenting advice based on her own experiences with raising two daughters on Twitter.

She, in turn, takes lessons from her own mother, who raised three children, all of whom are doing “well in life”, she says. 

Here’s what she says in her thread, which has since gone viral with over 16,000 likes. 

1. Tell them they can do anything: Divya advises to build your child’s resolve and self-belief by giving them constant assurance that they can do anything. “That belief will define their destiny,” she says. 

2. Let them fall: Let your child fall and get hurt, she says, and let them make their own mistakes. You cannot protect them from every pitfall, and children will learn how to get back on their feet themselves. 

3. Compete: Encourage your child to compete, even if they don’t win in every competition. A healthy competitive spirit is very important, but this will also make them accustomed to failures, which are part and parcel of life. 

4. Let them take risks: Divya advises to let your child take a risk — climb a tree, engage in adventure sports. This, she opines, will teach them how to behave responsibly in situations where they could get hurt. 

5. Abundance mindset: Every next generation gets access to more opportunities and better resources than their predecessor. Divya says don’t remind them of the scarcity you faced, and impose that thinking on them. 

6. Be a role model: Practice what you preach, says Divya. Parents should not say or do something while telling their child otherwise. “Nothing breaks a child’s heart more than seeing hypocrisy of their parents,” she says. 

7. Shun bad behaviour: While you must allow your child to experiment and fail, it doesn’t mean that you allow bad behaviour, says Divya. You must correct them when they go wrong.

8. Trust your children: Hope is very important for everyone, including children. Parents must not become disappointed in their children, she says.

9. Give experiences: A healthy exposure to a variety of experiences is integral in them having an open mind, she advises. Let them explore the world. 

10. Listen: Listening is an important habit that must be inculcated from a young age. This will happen only when parents first listen to their children, says Divya.

11. Don’t compare: One of the biggest follies made by parents is comparison. Divya says don’t compare your child with anyone, especially their siblings. This can cause problems as the child becomes an adult.

12. Be their safe space: Everyone needs a safe space. Divya says that parents must be that space for their children, “where they get love without having to be anything”. 

You can read the full thread here.

Edited by Divya Sethu; Image Courtesy: Divya Mittal’s Facebook Page

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