Meet Mr. Murthi, the Honest Auto Driver who has Returned 12 Mobile Phones Left Behind by Passengers

Meet Mr. Murthi, the auto driver who has returned all the mobile phones ever left behind by his passengers. Chris Sage, the newest passenger to receive his phone back, provides him with the acknowledgement he deserves.

Meet Mr. Murthi, the auto driver who has returned all the mobile phones ever left behind by his passengers. Chris Sage, the newest passenger to receive his phone back, provides him with the acknowledgement he deserves. 

Amidst the infinite chaos of theft, cheating and lies, there will always be that one story which will stand out and make all the others bow down. Mr. Murthi’s story is one such wonder.

Chris Sage from Melbourne was on a vacation in Bengaluru. He boarded Mr. Murthi’s auto-rickshaw for Jayanagar, and while getting off, left his mobile phone in the rickshaw by mistake. To many of us, a similar situation might imply that we won’t see the phone again.


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However, to Sage’s surprise, Murthi’s benevolence surpassed all expectations.

“I found that the Australian tourist had dropped his mobile phone in my vehicle on (July 11) Saturday evening. The SIM card was locked. So, I inserted my SIM in the mobile and called a friend of Chris Sage, to whom he had sent an SMS earlier. This friend in Australia alerted Chris Sage who contacted me and collected his mobile phone from me on July 17.” – Mr. Murthi as quoted in The Hindu 

It is to people like Mr. Murthi that we owe our belief in the good and virtuous. This is not the first phone he has returned; it is his 12th and it shall not be his last.

“I contacted Mr. Murthi, and returned to the city to collect my mobile phone. I am so grateful to Mr. Murthi and am happy to encounter so many honest people in this country” – Chris Sage as quoted in The Hindu 

We have much to learn from Mr. Murthi. His honesty provides us with a moral learning better than most fictional stories out there. Hat off, Mr. Murthi

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