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Now Watch a 2 Hour Long Documentary if Caught Driving Drunk In Bengaluru

Apart from seizure of vehicle and a court visit to pay the fine, offenders will be asked to watch a documentary showcasing the ill effects of drunk driving. They will get a certificate once they watch the film which they have to produce in the police station to get their vehicles back.

Did you think you can get away just by giving a fine each time you are caught drunk driving? Well, if you are in Bengaluru, think again. Apart from seizure of your vehicles and a fine, you will now be asked to watch a two hour long documentary on the ill effects of drunk driving.

Before they can take their vehicles home, offenders will be taken to Chickpet traffic police station, where they will be shown the film in a small theatre.



The two hour long documentary will feature the dangerous accidents caused by drunk driving in addition to case studies of the people who have been victims of this habit without any fault of their own. It will also show how one’s mind functions under the effect of alcohol.

The step was taken to educate drivers and to bring down the number of accidents caused due to drunk driving.

As per police records, the number of vehicles seized for drunk driving is alarmingly high and the department realised that a mere fine was not enough to make people follow the rules.

Currently, once someone is caught, he/she has to go to the court the next day to pay a fine followed by a visit to the police station for release of the vehicle. But now, the offenders will also be given a certificate once they are done watching the documentary which they have to produce at the police station before they can get their vehicle back.

This is one movie no one would like to see. So think twice before having a peg or two when you hit the road.

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