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She Quit her Job to Teach Over 70,000 Students Through Her Youtube Channel

A passion to teach made Roshni quit her job and start a virtual school where she teaches science and maths to school children for free. Her YouTube channel has over 70,000 subscribers and she has uploaded over 3,900 videos so far.

As a kid, Roshni Mukherjee would often dream of becoming a teacher. Little did she know that one day she would teach not just a few classes and students but thousands of people across the country.

A Master’s degree holder in Physics, Roshni, in 2011, launched, an online platform where she teaches science and maths to students from classes 9 to 12.

ExamFear’s YouTube channel has over 74,000 subscribers, who can’t thank Roshni enough for making their tough lessons easy.

Roshni has made approximately 3,900 videos, which cover a wide range of topics in physics, chemistry, maths, and biology.

“It was mere passion that made me start ExamFear. I found that many schools offering quality education are very costly, while those schools that are cheaper usually do not have good quality education. So I wanted to come up with a platform that could address this issue and help students who cannot afford to pay for tuitions,” says Roshni.

Roshni’s journey from a full-time job to full-time teaching

Roshni quit her job to teach science and maths to kids online for free.
Roshni quit her job to teach science and maths to kids online for free.

After completing her Master’s degree, Roshni had wanted to enter the teaching profession. But due to her father’s untimely death she had to take up a job with a multinational company in order to support her family. Teaching took a backseat then but it was constantly on her mind.

Roshni was unable to suppress her passion for long. She had always wanted to be a teacher and nothing could stop her. She started ExamFear while working full time at her multinational job.

“It was very hectic. I would work six days a week and work on the videos at night or on Sundays,” she recalls. As the number of subscribers grew and Roshni became more confident about her venture, she quit her job to pursue ExamFear full time.

Unaware of the true response and impact of her videos, Roshni’s only concern was to teach kids online. The comments and messages that she received from students across the country boosted her spirits.

A matter of pride

[embedvideo id=”jzSjnNUEcRw” website=”youtube”]

Roshni usually uploads one video every day, and in the past four years, has never missed uploading a lesson.

“I receive messages from so many people. Recently, a student messaged me that he has been following my videos for three years now, and they have helped him score well in his exams without having to join tuition classes. He has now got admission in NIT. Such examples keep me motivated,” Roshni says.

After uploading the videos, Roshni never forgets to look at the comments and address any queries or issues that the students may have.

In her videos, Roshni says she always tries to co-relate science and maths theories with real life example to make difficult concepts easier to understand. The use of images and graphics makes the lessons even more interesting and comprehensible.

Making ends meet

The videos are fun and Roshni uses real life examples to make the concept look easier.
The videos are fun and Roshni uses real life examples to make the concept look easier.

Given that the lessons offered are for free and Roshni does not have a permanent job, she also launched a website where anyone can contribute to her venture. “The channel has started making a little money from Google ads. Also, I have a section on the website where people can contribute whatever they like. It is completely voluntary. If anyone wants to pay, they can,” she says.

In the future, Roshni wants to expand her work. She is planning to make videos for students of classes 6-8 too. In addition, she wants to make videos to teach basic English.

“There are many kids who are not fluent in English. And since they can easily access YouTube from anywhere, this will be very useful for them,” she says.

Roshni wants her videos to reach remote locations of the country where students who don’t have access to good education can benefit from them.

Visit her website for more details.

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