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53-YO Single Mom Clears Board Exams Alongside 2 Daughters Who Pushed Her to Study

Mother shila das and daughters clear board exams together

Shila Rani Das and her two daughters cleared their class 10 and class 12 board exams together in Tripura. This is how her kids inspired Shila to achieve her dreams.

A mother and her two daughters from Agartala, Tripura, cleared their board exams together.

Shila Rani Das, 53, has become the talk of the town after she cleared her Madhyamik (class 10) exams on 6 July. Her daughters, Rajashree and Jayashree passed their Higher Secondary Exams or class 12 around the same time.

Shila Rani says that her daughters persuaded her to give the exams.

Speaking to The Better India, she recalls how she started working at the age of 18 to support her family and three sisters.

“My family was not very well-off and as we were four children, I had to stop my education early. I started working at 18 as a clerk at the Agartala Municipal Corporation where I continue to work today. I have appeared for the board exams a few times but couldn’t clear. This time, with the help of my daughters, I managed to pass,” she says.

Always having work on her mind, she couldn’t give the required time for her education. She remembers a few instances when she gave the exam, but couldn’t clear it.

“I took the exam in 1994 for the first time. After that, several attempts were bogged by losses in my life. I lost my father before one attempt, and then my husband died in 2012 when I had planned to give the exam. This time, all credit goes to my daughters, who pushed me to give the exams,” says Shila.

Like her mother, 26-year-old Rajashree also had to discontinue her studies to get married. She gave her class 10 exams along with her younger sister in 2020, and subsequently class 12 this year.

‘Help your parents continue their studies’

Jayashree, the youngest daughter has been her mother’s constant support.

“I feel so happy that my mother and the two of us have passed the exams together. She was initially not ready to give the exams but I told her that she can do it. I’m so glad she cleared it. It’s our time now to support our mother, she has supported us all our life,” says Jayashree.

She hopes that more people help their parents continue their studies.

“If every child inspires their parents to finish their education, thousands of Shilas will pass the exam. They are only scared, we need to give them support and morale. Remember, a can-do attitude will trump your fears,” adds Jayashree.

Shila also has a message for others like her, who may be scared to give the exams.

“If I can do it, so can you. Conquer your fears, and you will surely pass. You can achieve your dreams through hard work. There is no age to do anything, you can give your exams or achieve any dream at any age,” says Shila.

Edited by Yoshita Rao