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10 Travel YouTubers to Follow Before You Plan Your Next Amazing Vacation

indian youtubers and travel vloggers

Mountains or beaches, these 10 travel influencers on YouTube can be your perfect guide for that long-awaited vacation.

Whenever I’m thinking of planning a trip, the first thing I do is scroll through social media to dig up more details about my desired destination. Following a few good travel vloggers has always come in handy, whether it’s for a two-day trip or a long vacation.

There are several travel content creators in India who have fun and informative vlogs with detailed recommendations and tips — the best places to visit, stay at, eat, and more.

So, here is a list of some of the best travel YouTubers in India, who can guide you when you plan your next trip:

1. Varun Vagish (Mountain Trekker)

As his channel name suggests, Varun Vagish is a trekking enthusiast and travel vlogger based out of Delhi. Since 2017, he has covered over 20 countries across the world, travelling and capturing his experiences.

Through his travel vlogs, Varun has made it a point to prove that it is possible to travel across the country and around the globe without burning a hole in the pocket. His budget-friendly and realistic travelling videos now have millions of subscribers. He also shares his own itineraries, including tips on how to save money by opting for public transport and budget-friendly accommodations.

Language: Hindi with English subtitles.

Here’s a vlog on his trip to Thailand:

2. Deepanshu Sangwan (Nomadic Indian)

Inspired by a Ted Talk, Deepanshu Sangwan from Mumbai decided to explore travelling and eventually started vlogging.

Travelling solo to over 25 countries in five years, he has been able to build a solid subscribership of over 1.5 million on YouTube. His vlogs stand out from the lot for his unique hitchhiking style of travelling, and he also offers tips on budget-friendly itineraries while travelling to different countries.

indian travel vlogger Deepanshu Sangwan
Deepanshu Sangwan (Source: Instagram)

Language: Hindi

3. Tanya Khanijow

Among the popular women Indian travel vloggers in India, Tanya Khanijow is a passionate solo traveller and travel filmmaker based out of Delhi.

She quit her corporate job to follow her passion to travel around the world. Starting her vlogs on YouTube in 2012, she has been sharing her experiences and learnings, as well as breaking stereotypes around women who travel.

Language: Hindi

Here’s one of her vlogs from her solo trip to Bhutan:

4. Navankur Chaudhary (Yatri Doctor)

Doctor-turned-travel vlogger Navankur Chaudhary is based out of Mumbai and has travelled across the globe, visiting several countries like Russia, Brazil, France, Istanbul, and more.

His vlogs reflect his solo travel experiences and provide details on the expenses incurred, tips on booking flight tickets, visa process in different countries, and more. His videos explore the culture, food and beauty of every country he visits.

indian travel vlogger Navankur Chaudhary
Navankur Chaudhary (Source: Instagram)

Language: Hindi

5. Kritika Goel

Traveller and YouTuber Kritika Goel has been vlogging about her journeys since 2017. She was working a corporate job, but moved to full time vlogging after realising her love for travelling.

Other than sharing her journeys and the places she explores, she also vlogs on lifestyle and fashion.

Currently, she has over 4 lakh subscribers, She also has travel trips on foreign countries, collaborates with several popular brands to churn out great content.

Language: English

Here’s a vlog on her trip to Lakshadweep:

6. Priyanka Chandola (DesiGirl Traveller)

Priyanka Chandola, also known as ‘DesiGirl Traveller’, has been vlogging about her travels since 2018. She has been exploring India all by herself in a budget-friendly way, and shares her insights on finding cheap places to stay in, to shop at, and eat in.
With over 3 lakh subscribers, her vlogs are simple and explore various cultures and lifestyles.

indian travel vlogger Priyanka Chandola
Priyanka Chandola (Source: Instagram)

Language: Hindi

7. Harish Bali (Visa2explore)

Visa2explore was started by Harish Bali in 2017 to share his love for travel and food.

A passionate traveller and foodie, Harish’s vlogs talk about the several tips and things to keep in mind while visiting any place, such as northeast India, as well as the food and eateries around the place. His vlogs also provide several essential inputs like the time for travel, distance, places to visit and how to plan the best itinerary.

Noted for simple and entertaining presentations, his YouTube channel now has over 1.5 million subscribers.

Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Here’s one of his vlogs from his trip to Nagaland:

8. Rohan Thakur and Bharati Bharani (Ronnie and Barty)

This travelling husband and wife duo create cinematic vlogs to capture the beauty of their destinations. With a background in the film industry, they left their jobs behind and moved from Mumbai to Manali to dive into full-time travel vlogging.

Ever since, they have been capturing the beauty of the Himalayas, as well as sharing their experiences and stories of leading a nomadic life. Their vlogs offer insight into several beautiful and offbeat destinations in and around Himachal Pradesh, including villages, waterfalls, and so on.

indian travel vloggers Ronnie and Barty
Ronnie and Barty (Source: Instagram)

Language: English

9. Radhika Sharma (Radhika Nomllers)

Radhika Sharma — or Radhika Nomllers on her vlog — is a skier, scuba diver, and solo traveller. From Kashmir to Pondicherry, she has been exploring different destinations across India and her videos are truly a visual treat, as well as informative and entertaining.

Moreover, they reflect her love for adventure.

Language: Hindi and English

Here’s a vlog on how to travel to the Maldives on a budget by Radhika Sharma:

10. Shenaz Treasury

Actor and ardent traveller Shenaz Treasury vlogs about her journeys through Instagram and YouTube. Her content is colourful and her presentation is energetic and engaging.

Travelling to different parts of the country like Kashmir, Himachal, Meghalaya, and Goa, she shares the best places to visit and also gives out options for accommodations. With over 2 lakh followers on YouTube and almost a million on Instagram, Shehanaz’s vlogs are as entertaining as they are informative.

indian actor and travel vlogger Shehnaz Treasury
Shehnaz Treasury (Source: Instagram)

Language: English

(Edited by Divya Sethu)