Watch: NIT Calicut Invents New Exhaust-Free Solar Stove That Reduces Your LPG Bill

Watch: NIT Calicut Invents New Exhaust-Free Solar Stove That Reduces Your LPG Bill

Researchers at NIT Calicut have come up with a smart solar stove that has no operating costs, with multiple versions for homes, restaurants and roadside vendors.

To combat the rising prices of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), researchers at NIT Calicut have invented a smart solution — a stove that does not produce any exhaust gas. Called the ‘smart solar stove’, it can be used by domestic kitchens and roadside eateries.

While the principle of the stove is similar to an eco-friendly induction one, multiple versions are present. The fascinating part about these is that they have absolutely no operating cost once you buy the stove.

Solar Stove Reduces LGP Bill

The single stove version can be used for domestic cooking, while its counterpart, the double stove version provides more flexibility for cooking. Both these versions can be used directly under the sun, says the Institute.

Another version is more vendor-centric. This comes with an LED lamp attached — a boon to vendors who operate after dark.

The model is also a great option for travellers as it comes with a foldable solar panel.

The devices are priced at Rs 10,000 for the single stove version and Rs 15,000 for the double stove version as well as the LED lamp version.

Here’s how this smokeless model may change the way cooking is done at eateries.


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