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Loaded with Vitamins, Mango Leaves are Full of Benefits; Here’s How to Consume Them

Loaded with Vitamins, Mango Leaves are Full of Benefits; Here’s How to Consume Them

Mango leaves have several benefits from reducing blood pressure to skin care. It fights diabetes and also helps in hair growth. Here's how they can be a part of your daily diet and routine.

As a kid, it never made sense but I have seen my elders brushing their teeth with ripe mango leaves. I even tried brushing my teeth with mango leaves and, to my surprise, it worked as well as any toothbrush.

Even though this didn’t become a habit, I found it interesting to note several benefits of the mango leaves. They are so full of nutrients, antioxidants and anti-ageing properties. Research by Dr María Teresa Fernández-Ponce from the University of Cádiz, Spain says, “Mango leaves extract have shown potential use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries due to its high content in potent antioxidant phenolic compounds.”

Here are some of the reasons why you should include mango leaves in your diet:

1. Reduce blood pressure

Hypotensive properties present in mango leaves help in the lowering of blood pressure. “They help in strengthening the blood vessels and treating the problem of varicose veins,” as per NDTV Food report.

Use: The leaves are to be dried and powdered or used as an infusion. Soak the leaves overnight in a cup of water. Strain it and drink it in the morning.

2. Bring down diabetes

Tannins, a bitter-tasting organic substance present in some galls, barks, and other plant tissues, consisting of derivatives of gallic acid, are found in the tender leaves of a mango tree. This tannin called anthocyanins has the ability to reduce the risk of early diabetes.

Use: The same recipe to bring down blood pressure can be followed here too.

3. Treats kidney stones

A particular amount of dried mango leaves intake will help in breaking and flushing out kidney stones and gall bladder stones. But this can work at the early stage only.

Use: Take in finely powdered dry mango leaves soaked in a tumbler of water overnight to see the magic.

4. Promotes anti-ageing

The antioxidant contents found in the leaves will help in removing signs of skin ageing. Extract of the leaves can be used to work as an anti-ageing face/ skin mask.

Use: Mango leaves powder can be mixed with water or curd to make a face/ skin mask. Cleanse the skin before applying. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

5. Manage cell inflammation

Plant compounds called terpenoids and polyphenols spotted in the leaves, reduce body inflammation to a great level.

Use: Boil mango leaves in a tumbler of water. Strain the particles and drink the water at any time of the day.

6. Healthy hair growth

Mango leaves are rich in Vitamin C and A which aid in improving collagen formation and promote healthy hair growth. It can be used as extracts or powder directly on the scalp to get benefits.

Use: Dried mango leaves powder or extract can be mixed with water and used while washing hair. This will also give a cooling effect to the head.

7. Solves respiratory issues

Every type of respiratory issue can be minimised with the use of mango leaves. “It is especially useful for people suffering from cold, bronchitis and asthma,” as per NDTV Food report.

Use: Boil mango leaves in water with a little honey and turn it into a decoction. This can cure cough as well as voice loss.

8. Cure dysentery

Bleeding dysentery can be reduced or even stopped by taking in mango leaves in liquid form.

Use: Dry the mango leaves in the shade and powder them finely. Take it in with water two to three times a day to stop dysentery.

In addition to these, add mango leaves to your bathwater in order to calm down the nerves and fight anxiety issues.

Mango leaves tea recipe

Ingredients (Serves two):

  • Mango leaves – two
  • Ginger root – one inch
  • Honey (or any sweetener of your preference)
Loaded with Vitamins, Mango Leaves are Full of Benefits; Here’s How to Consume Them
A perfect cup of mango leaves tea. Photo Credits: Michelle Blackwood.


  • Cut ginger root into slices.
  • Wash two mango (green) leaves and cut them into small pieces.
  • Boil water in a pot, add ginger root and let it simmer for five minutes on a small flame.
  • Add mango leaves and switch off the stove.
  • After 10 minutes, strain the tea and add the sweetener.


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“Mango Leaf Tea” recipe by Michelle Blackwood published on September 12 2021.

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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