‘3 Ways I Plan Low-Waste Travels Without Giving up On Comfort’

Mrudula Joshi

Looking for easy ways to make your next road trip more sustainable? Here are some tips by Mrudula Joshi, a lifestyle consultant and sustainability influencer.

Kickstarting your journey of living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle can be daunting at first, especially when it comes to travelling, where we tend to opt for convenience over sustainability.

While easily available plastic disposables offer short-term convenience in terms of food, storage, and water, flights have made it quicker and easier than ever to reach almost any destination — without acknowledging that the aviation industry contributes to 2.4 per cent of global CO2 emissions.

But with the advent of COVID-19, the world is shifting its focus to making health, hygiene, and cleanliness a bigger part of everyday life. In fact, a digital travel company recently conducted a study wherein it found that 91 per cent Indian travellers wished to travel more sustainably in the coming months.

Along the same lines, Mrudula Joshi, a lifestyle consultant and sustainability influencer from Bengaluru, has been encouraging her followers and viewers to embrace sustainability in the tiniest and biggest aspects of life, without compromising on comfort and fun.

Her Instagram handle Ullisu, which means ‘save’ in Kannada, is a detailed repository of all things sustainable — from tips and tricks to lengthy workshops, nuggets of information and advice, and her own experiences with what it means to live ‘zero waste’.
Through her online zero-waste store, she runs free resource initiatives like the package-free map — a map project to highlight stores that sell items package-free.

So here are three of Mrudula’s tips on how to travel responsibly and sustainably, without giving up comfort and convenience:

1. How to have a zero-waste period during a trip

2. How to stay in a hotel without using disposables

3. How to go for a low-carbon travel


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