Watch: Entrepreneur Spends His Own Savings To Rescue 2000 Injured, Disabled Dogs

Harris Ali: Watch: Entrepreneur Uses Own Savings To Rescue 2000 Injured Dogs

Haris Ali, an entrepreneur from Bengaluru, runs Sarvoham Animal Foundation to rescue thousands of disabled, injured and diseased dogs from all over the city. Watch this video to see how his selfless endeavour took shape.

Haris Ali, a resident of Bengaluru, first discovered his love for dogs at the age of 12, when he took in a mother and her three puppies to care for. With his daily allowance of Rs 2, he would regularly buy biscuits and food for the dog family. But it was a much more tragic incident that inspired Haris to rescue dogs through a shelter.

Today, the animal rescuer and entrepreneur has rescued and rehabilitated over 2,000 dogs with his animal shelter, Sarvoham Animal Foundation. Many of the canines he rescues are disabled, injured, and diseased, and Haris claims he has spent up to Rs 1 crore from his own pocket so far to take care of them.

Watch what inspired Haris to make such a big difference, and how he became a dog’s best friend here:

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