Watch: With Freebies for Passengers & Lesson on Life, This Delhi Cab is Like No Other

Abdul Qadeer

Watch this video to see how Abdul Qadeer, a cab driver from Delhi, is going the extra mile for his passengers by revamping his car to offer free snacks, utilities, and more to travellers.

If you happen to hitch a ride in Abdul Qadeer’s cab in Delhi, you will be surprised to see how he ensures the comfort of his passengers.

From juice and snacks to newspapers and even nail polish remover, his cab offers passengers whatever they might need to feel comfortable.

Abdul, who lost his job at the age of 30, started doing several odd jobs and finally became a cab driver to make ends meet. His experiences with customers made him realise the need to offer something more than just a ride and a bottle of water.

The paraphernalia is free of cost for all customers. He has also put up messages inside the cab that speak of spreading peace, harmony and mutual respect.

Watch how Abdul’s heartful gesture is turning cab rides into an experience:

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