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How One Man Helped Rescue 57 Child Labourers in New Delhi


This man, who was once a child labourer himself, informed the child helpline about at least 57 children who were working at Azadpur Mandi in New Delhi. 

Have you ever been in a bad situation, then got out of it, and helped others facing the same obstacle? That’s exactly what this man did. Once a child labourer himself, he very well understood the woes of children who are forced into the practice and that was evident on Tuesday, when he called up the child helpline to inform about kids who were working at Azadpur Mandi of New Delhi.

The police rescued at least 57 children in the age group of 5-16 years from the there – 16 of them were girls.

Source: Something’s Brewing

This rescue operation was led by the NGO Prayas and the local police. Coincidentally, they also reunited two siblings during the rescue. A six year old girl, while playing, recognized her brother at the NGO who had been living there for quite some time.

Most of the children had entered the practice because of their parents and were presented before the Child Welfare Committee. Until the families can be traced, they will continue living at the NGO.

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Only three of the 57 had been going to school up until now. One of them told The Times of India, “My mother has asked me to help her in business. I carry gunny bags for her. If she is not well, I sit at our shop as well and help her.” She went to school in morning and worked with her mother in the afternoon.

One of them was even facing the chances of a child marriage, but she is glad that she does not have to get married now.

They are in safe hands now, all thanks to a man who understood and took the necessary steps.

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