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One Women is Using Discarded Bottles & Scrap to Help Shelter 1500 Kids; Here’s How

Veena Lal set up Karm Marg in 1997 to provide shelter for children in need without waiting for any donations.


Not every kid grows up in a safe, secure and sound family environment. Some never attend school, live on the streets or even get physically abused. Coming to these children’s aid, a woman from Faridabad started a non-profit organisation for destitute children.

Veena Lal set forth Karm Marg in 1997 to provide shelter for children without proper living conditions. But she didn’t take any donations from the public. Instead, discarded newspapers, plastic bottles and scrap cloth were used to make interesting items like bags and the money from their sale was used for the welfare of children.

Women from the neighbourhood were employed to teach children creative designs, which also helped the latter overcome their past.


“I always wanted to work for a social cause and joined an organisation that worked with children soon after graduating. I was there for about eight years but soon realised that the children required better treatment,” the 55-year-old said.

To date, over 1,500 kids were raised by women who are now in various job fields like corporates, industries like health, creative and fashion and animal rescue.

Watch her inspiring story and the beautiful home:


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