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With Water Vending Machines, you can now get Pure Potable Water at Railway Stations

The Railways to now install WVMs in stations across the country.

With the latest initiative by Indian Railways, passengers can now pay and obtain filtered potable water at railway stations.

Ministry of Railways in an attempt to provide potable water at stations has developed a comprehensive policy to install Water Vending Machines or WVMs. Passengers can pay, starting from Re. 1 for a glass to Rs. 20 for five litres, to get filtered water. Vending machines will be installed at railway stations across the country.

The aim is to provide pure drinking water at cheaper rates than packaged mineral water.


Source: Wikipedia

This will be handled by Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and the machines will be installed by authorized agents only. They will be equipped with RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology or any other alternate superior technology.

The transaction of the amount of water and cost will be displayed on a LED screen so that customers can verify their purchase. The WVMs will be able to provide service to multiple passengers at the same time because there will be multiple dispensing taps. Presently, the installation will be prioritized for those stations where RO units are not already installed, but eventually, all stations will have the facility. The WVMs will also provide eco-friendly tumblers and bottles from PET.

A senior railway official said, “Pure water will be dispensed through these highly mechanized machines for the passengers at an affordable price. Water dispensed through the vending machine will conform to BIS specifications IS10500-2012 (specification for drinking water) test requirement within desirable limit.  The water supplied through these machines will be frequently checked (at least once a month) through suitable device by the Health Inspector/ Medical Personnel.”

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