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10 New Age Indian Moms Who Are a Hoot to Follow on Instagram

10 New Age Indian Moms Who Are a Hoot to Follow on Instagram

For Mother's Day we bring you these moms who are taking social media by storm by inventing new quirky ways of parenting and sharing their learnings.

This Mother’s Day 2022, we’re celebrating moms who liven up social media with their quirky ways.

The coolest moms of Instagram — the ones who experiment, the ones who are looked up to by so many other mothers, and the ones who do things differently — are all showcasing their talents well.

Here you’ll find one mom investing in her daughter’s travel around the world instead of marriage, while another shows you just how much of a frenzy it is living with three toddlers. One has a podcast of her own where she clears the air about parenting and how fun it can be, while another has taken the internet by storm with the ‘signs’ she holds up.

Being a mom is a daunting task, but these mothers navigate the challenge with wit, banter, laughs, and ever so often a few tears. This Mother’s Day, we cheer these superheroes on.

1. Poonam Sapra


Instagram handle: @motherwithsign

Poonam Sapra has never failed to amuse us with her signs that have all kinds of ‘gyaan’ for the children of today, and sometimes even for the adults. While she sometimes goes on to ‘scold’ the younger generation for not spending much time with their parents, other times she will tell a funny story with a moral that will bring a smile to your day.

What we love about this mother with a sign, is that she mixes a dash of humour with life lessons, and leaves us feeling like we definitely can do better.

Are you sceptical of asking your mum for permission for that trip? ‘Ask her after she has had her chai,’ says one of Poonam’s signboards. Try it out and thank her later!

2. Sameera Reddy


Instagram handle: @reddysameera

Sameera Reddy has always been fearless, whether it was her going on to speak about her journey with alopecia areata, or now experimenting with her ‘momfluencer’ role and playing the cool mom.

She shares snippets from her daily life with her kids and family, putting out a message for every mom that there is no one size fits all when it comes to parenting.

What we love about her is the ease with which she makes reels that defy the stereotypes people believe in such as the mother-in-law daughter-in-law dynamic, flaunting her grey hair and many other such ‘non-typical’ topics.

3. Kamana Gautam


Instagram handle: @mycocktail_life

One thing is clear when you stumble upon Kamana’s profile. She is not your conventional ‘mum’. Going by instinct is the best remedy for parenting woes she believes.

What we love about her and what stands out is that she goes the extra mile to give her kids a taste of what it means to go back to one’s roots. Her profile is a visual kaleidoscope of the various ways in which she teaches them to experience life outside their comfort zone, and try their hand out at things they wouldn’t in the city. “There is a whole different world that exists beyond the boundaries of their house,” she writes as she attempts to have them experience this very different side of life too.

4. Teejay Sindhu


Instagram handle: @bombaysunshine

Raising three tiny tots has got to be a task but Teejay Sindhu makes it look easy. A breather for any new mother, Teejay’s profile shows how dealing with kids can get messy, fun, exhilarating, and sometimes exhausting.

What we love about her ways is that she brings ‘reality’ into her virtual life, and shows all sides to parenting. If there’s a slippery slope you come across during your parenting journey, her posts are proof that you are not the only one and that you can always try new things.

5. Kanika Chadda Gupta


Instagram handle: @kanikachaddagupta

Hosting the podcast ‘That’s Total Momsense’, Kanika speaks about parenting, life lessons she has learned, and everything in between. She also invites other mothers to talk about their ups and downs, share tips and tricks, and attempts to create a mom community that is a safe space to learn and grow.

What we love is that Kanika does not shy away from broaching topics such as ‘How to speak to kids about race’, ‘Navigating career moves through motherhood’, and more. A blend of her experiences and her guests’ inputs makes it an insightful session for all mothers.

6. Alicia Souza


Instagram handle: @aliciasouza

A doodle a day keeps the baby blues away. Alicia’s page will get you chuckling, nostalgic, and feeling many emotions in one as you scroll. Her doodles are realistic and at the same time tell a story that so many mothers experience.

What we love is how she explores the mother-child dynamic in such creative ways, that these do not only appeal to a certain age group, but can be enjoyed by all. Have you ever thought babies’ feet are so cute, that you just want to eat them up? Well, you are not the only one. Alicia’s doodles make the idea even more enticing.

7. Charu S Gujjal


Instagram handle: @themomsagas

How often have you wished that being a mother came with a manual? While the thought is fascinating but unrealistic, you may want to check out Charus’s page which is as good as your wish come true.

There are so many aspects to parenting that it can sometimes get tricky getting it right.

What we love about her posts is that they explore unanswered questions, and tell you what to do and what not to do while sharing her ways of dealing with sticky situations. All your anxieties will be put to rest as you realise you are not the only one.

8. Uma Raghuraman


Instagram handle: @masterchefmom

As a mother, as challenging as every aspect is, deciding what to cook and then getting your kids to eat without a fuss has got to top the list. Uma Raghuraman rolls up her sleeves, dons her chef hat, and says ‘challenge accepted’, as she goes on to cook up a storm.

What we love about this mom is how she can turn the most unappetising veggies into delights that will have you smacking your lips. Mothers all around take note, as this chef has a solution to your woes of never having time to whip up something in a short period. Even we are tempted to try some of these recipes.

9. Silky Puri


Instagram handle: @mommytravelstories

Her motto is simple — fill her daughter’s life with experiences around the world. Silky Puri has a perfect travel partner in her little one who trots the globe with her. Listing places that are kid-friendly and addressing issues that parents often face on their trips with kids such as air travel, you will find her page helpful.

What we love is how Silky is infusing her daughter’s growing-up years with culture from around the world. While many parents’ worst nightmare is their first trip with their kids on a flight, this mom makes the entire process seem smooth and enjoyable. Having ditched the traditional way of living and believing in marriage being the ultimate goal for a girl child, Silky sets her milestones.

10. Zoe Modgill


Instagram handle: @zoemodgill

Who said hitting the gym and being fit wasn’t a thing for new mothers? Zoe Modgill shatters the stereotypes as she looks her fittest and encourages other moms too to take time out for themselves in this respect.

What we love about Zoe is the zeal and enthusiasm she has, and how she dares to be herself. If you are looking for fitness tips, things to watch out for as you hit the gym, what works for your body, and other such doubts, there is a lot to be learned from Zoe’s content.

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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