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Thailand’s Design Student has a Unique Idea to Help Dogs Beat the Heat with Billboards

Stand for Strays

Thailand-based Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen started ‘Stand for Strays’, a group that focuses on collapsible shelters for these animals using old billboards.

How often have you seen a stray and wished you could do something to help them?

India has 80 million homeless stray animals, as per a Mars Petcare India report of November 2021. Moreover, these animals often get caught in road accidents, suffer during heat waves, floods, etc.

But Thailand-based Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen has come up with a unique solution with lessons for all. He started the initiative ‘Stand for Strays’, a group that focuses on collapsible shelters for these animals.

Their Homeless Allot Model has been created by deploying the use of old billboards. The model is reusable, recyclable and a solution that can be replicated anywhere in the world due to its ease and practicality.

A billboard into a bed

Ajarn noticed the plight of stray animals and how the streets of Bangkok would often not be a conducive place for them. He wanted to create a safe space for these animals and wondered how he could do this while repurposing material that was readily available. It was during his PhD that the idea struck.

With billboards dotting the landscape of cities in the world, he thought why not take the discarded ones and turn them into safe shelters for the animals?

The panel is placed against a wall, with hinges at the top. The foldable structure makes for a cosy canopy where the animal is protected from harsh weather. Moreover, the bottom of the setup is elevated above the ground with niches for food to be placed. This ensures that the food is not in contact with the ground, and also lets the animal lie down at a height, a good alternative considering the rains and flooding.

The structures can also be moved around.

A Facebook post by the group highlights this innovation of theirs. “The solution is to integrate and create awareness about the problem of strays and find a solution together. The problem of stray dogs is a problem for everyone in society and not just any group or only one person.”

When a pedestrian or an animal activist spots strays in the area, all they need do is unfold one of these billboard tents.

Here’s a glimpse of a pup that came to seek shelter in the ‘tent’.


India has 80 million homeless dogs, cats, has highest levels of abandonment: Mars Petcare report, Published on 25 November 2021

Edited by Yoshita Rao