Pune Man’s Startup has Turned 20 Lakh Plastic Bags into Beautiful Fabric


EcoKaari by Nandan Bhatt collects plastic waste from all parts of the country to manufacture clothes, handbags, home decor and office stationery.

Have you ever worn a cool jacket made of upcycled plastic waste? This innovative idea arose in the mind of Kashmir native Nandan Bhatt who always wanted to do something for nature.

Nandan gave shape to EcoKaari in 2020 which manufactures garments, handbags, home decor and office stationery using plastic waste. The raw material is collected from waste picking organisations, food manufacturers, and wholesalers and also receives donations from groups and individuals. The raw material is cleaned and sun-dried before processing. Using handloom and charkha, the plastic is shaped into various essentials.

Even corporate companies are ordering the products by this brand, where around 5,000-10,000 kg of plastic is upcycled every month. To date, EcoKarari has been able to collect 20 lakh plastic waste and provide a livelihood to 25 artisans.

Here’s how this wonderful initiative kicked off:

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