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10 Influencers Whose Advice Will Help You Learn To Live Sustainably & Waste Free

10 Influencers Whose Advice Will Help You Learn To Live Sustainably & Waste Free

If you’re looking for easy ways to adapt sustainability and zero waste practices in your daily life and home, here are 10 influencers you must follow on Instagram for tips, tricks, hacks and more.

This year, in a UN report on climate change, several scientists put out a stern warning — it’s ‘now or never’ to limit global warming.

So this Earth Day, as we explore all the ways in which you can mitigate this crisis, a good thing might be to start where you are — in your very own home. From choosing sustainable clothing to booking your trips responsibly, there are several avenues to turn to.

To streamline your search for a sustainable life, here are 10 influencers who share tips, tricks, hacks, and their own process of discovery of how to lead lives that reduce the burden on the planet.

1. Ripu Daman Bevli

Also known as the ‘Plogman of India’, Ripu Daman Bevli is causing waves through his message of reducing littering. He does this by encouraging plogging, a concept that borrows its origins from Sweden, wherein jogging is combined with picking up litter.

In an attempt to make India litter-free, he shows areas around the city where he has picked litter up and highlights the damage that we are doing to our space.

2. Pankti

Pankti, known as @zerowasteadda on Instagram, is here to “create a conscious community” and is “on a mission to preserve India’s roots and sustainability”. Her content covers many aspects of a zero-waste lifestyle by narrating facts — for example, did you know a 10-minute shower uses 100 litres of water? — encouraging people to take up sustainable practices like using recyclable bottles, and more.

3. Kopal Nanda

Kopal’s page is like a virtual nursery, with a pop of green at every scroll. This ‘plantfluencer’ takes her role very seriously, as she shares with her followers not only what makes for a great garden, but also how to maintain one in an urban jungle.

On her Instagram, you’ll find notes on different varieties of hoyas, glimpses of a blooming cabbage patch, and her expertise on how to change the settings for the plants’ environment when the weather changes.

4. Nayana Premnath

Climate consciousness and sustainability are often not milestone steps in adopting a greener approach, but rather small measures that can be replicated in daily events. This is what Nayana encourages through her page, which features numerous ways in which people can go eco-friendly and reduce their carbon footprint.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have much time on hand to grow a tree, the ways that Nayana mentions will definitely fit your schedule.

5. Sagar

There are many ways in which we unknowingly tamper with our surroundings and disturb the ecology when we travel.

Sagar, who has been backpacking for years now, sheds light on these aspects. He meets local communities, assesses habitations, and understands how human activities have caused nature to retreat.

6. Saif

What better way to educate people about sustainability than in a way they would most love? Saif picked up on the idea of reels, and since then has posted a ton of engaging content on his page, all centred around learning more about a sustainable lifestyle.

If you would like to know more about ‘identification codes on plastic items’, check out careers in sustainability, or find out about how you can cut down your food wastage, these reels are the answer.

7. Kamana Gautam

It has been said that in this day and age, it is important to factor in climate change when you’re thinking about becoming a parent. Kamana Gautam, a nutritionist, adopts what is called a ‘sustainable parenting’ approach.

Kamana believes in implementing sustainability in every aspect of her family’s life. She educates her children about how growing food is important in contrast to ordering it from a restaurant and teaches them about their roots, as well as concepts such as harvesting, etc while urging other parents to do so as well.

8. Vani Murthy

What can you do with the scraps from your kitchen? Use it to nourish the soil and grow your own healthy vegetables, says Vani Murthy. Calling herself an ‘urban farmer’ and a ‘composting enthusiast’, Vani is encouraging viewers to minimise their negative impact on the planet.

9. Soumya

How often have you made a purchase, regretted it, and then made another one?

As the cycle of consumerism continues, Soumya started the ‘No Buy Challenge’ in an attempt to motivate people to stop buying things that were unnecessary, and thus reduce some amount of waste generation.

In addition to this, she also speaks of sustainable hacks on her page.

10. Ravneet Kaur

To add to the green bandwagon is Ravneet Kaur who, along with her family, tends to a green lush garden blooming with plants, vegetable creepers, and shrubs of all kinds. She shares how you can do the same and bring back the greens into your life.

Take inspiration from her, and grow yourself a terrace garden perhaps!

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