Move Over, Maldives! Watch Why Minicoy Is India’s Very Own Island Paradise


Looking for an island getaway to travel to? Skip Maldives and say ahoy to Minicoy in Lakshadweep, one of India’s best-kept secrets.

Planning a summer getaway? Or are you looking to head to a beach but are bored of the usual destinations in India? Check out Minicoy island in Lakshadweep which is also referred to as the ‘Island of Women.’ With its pristine lagoons, clean and warm water and coral reef that is alive and untouched – this island is most certainly one of India’s best-kept secrets.

Minicoy is home to 11 villages where the mainstay of the region is tuna fishing. Minicoy Island is the
second-largest island of the Lakshadweep and is one of the few inhabited islands of the group.

While Minicoy island is the southernmost island of Lakshadweep it is closer to the Maldives than to any part of India.

Given its proximity to the Maldives, the language spoken on the island is Mahal, which is a dialect of Maldivian Divehi, while the rest of the Lakshadweep island residents speak Malayalam.

If this has intrigued you and you would like to know more, watch this video here.