‘Why I Chose to Revive Kashmir’s Dying Traditional Craft Instead of Taking up a Job’

Arifa Jan

Arifa Jan, from Srinagar, Kashmir, has been reviving the dying Kashmiri craft of Namda - a rug made of felted wools.

Arifa Jan, a commerce graduate from Srinagar, is on a mission to revive the dying Kashmiri craft of ‘Namda’ rugs.

These rugs are made of the lesser-known felted wool.

Now, apart from reviving the traditional craft, she had worked with around 100 local artisans, most of whom were women. In 2020, she was honoured with the Nari Sakthi award for her hard work and efforts in reviving the craft.

“As the demand is increasing for the craft, I am planning to upgrade the production unit,” says Arifa who is currently working on scaling up her business.

Watch how she turned around her business of traditional crafts: