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Health & Skincare Tips: 10 Doctors To Follow on Instagram for Health Updates

Indian doctors have taken to creative content to give advice about lesser-known medical facts. Here are 10 such doctors you ought to follow on Instagram.

Health & Skincare Tips: 10 Doctors To Follow on Instagram for Health Updates

Health advice is rarely fun, but these doctors, with their wit and creative ways, ensure that you learn while enjoying the process. Reels, tips and health hacks are what you will see on their pages. Here’s a list of 10 doctors you should follow on Instagram to ensure you are getting the latest on everything health-related.

1. Dr Tanaya (Intimate health)

Popularly known by her Instagram handle dr_cuterus, Dr Tanaya is an internationally trained medical doctor and expert in matters of embryology. She breaks down complex medical conditions and talks about taboo topics such as masturbation and sex. Whether it is a fun reel, or a blatant explanation, Dr Tanaya dishes out expert advice in engaging ways.

You can check out her expertise here.

2. Dr Muneeb Shah (Dermatology)

It is easy to get lost in the spiral of products that line the skincare market. This is exactly what Dr Muneeb Shah aims to rectify. He advises people on what they need, which skin conditions need what kinds of topical treatments. He dives deep into ingredients, and even shares his routines and reviews on products.

You can check out his expertise here.

3. Dr Gohari (Internal medicine)

Medicine can be fun, according to Dr Gohari. Complex issues of the body systems are broken down by him into pictures, mnemonics and graphics that help people stop fearing these big medical terms, and understand them better at the root level. A must-follow for every medical student who finds it difficult to cram up tonnes of information. Dr Gohari’s books on medicine will help you do it in no time through their visual representations.

Dr Gohari's mnemonics
Dr Gohari’s mnemonics (Picture credits: Dr Gohari/Instagram)

You can check out his expertise here.

4. Dr Yuvraj Jadeja (Gynecology)

Whether it is something as discussed as pregnant women getting the COVID vaccine or topics around which there is very little talk such as marital rape, violence against doctors, etc. Dr Yuvraj Jadeja sheds light on these through his Instagram page. For all matters related to female reproductive health, you can see what he has to say.

You can check out his expertise here.

5. Dr Akshat Chadha (Lifestyle)

Health advice needs to be practical. At a time when there is a disconnect between medical advice and how to implement it in your everyday life, Dr Akshat’s page shares tips on how this can be done. A range of conditions such as diabetes, problems related to thyroid, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, PCOS and cholesterol are spoken about on his page and he even comes up with ways how you can manage these by making modifications in everyday life.

You can check out his expertise here.

6. Dr Siddharth Warrier (Neurology)

When it comes to matters of the brain, Dr Siddharth is the man to ask. Answers to questions such as ‘Why do you fall in love?’ or ‘Why do I feel anxious?’ are explained through fun comics on his page. The constant tussle between the brain and the heart, which befuddles many scientists and doctors, is simplified by Dr Siddharth in ways that will make you love neurology.

You can check out his expertise here.

7. Dr Siddhant Bhargava (Food and nutrition)

“Dropping truth bombs” is what Dr Siddhant describes his work on Instagram as. And rightly so. Whether it is a reel explaining why ‘You don’t need to quit sugar to lose weight’ or bursting the myth of ‘standing and drinking water’, you will find interesting advice, scoops, fact checks and more on his page.

You can check out his expertise here.

8. Dr Vishakha (Nutrition)

Staying healthy is the need of the hour and Dr Vishakha believes in making this possible through modifying the most important aspect of our days: what we eat. She puts out testimonial content, making what she says more credible. Artificial sweeteners and how they impact your gut health, and how probiotics can help you, are some of the topics she addresses.

You can check out her expertise here.

9. Dr Rashmi Shetty (Skin health)

Several dermatology treatments are available in the market these days. Dr Rashmi speaks about these, along with which skin types need them and also highlights which actives are needed in skincare and in what amounts. With the cosmetic landscape coming up with so many new things each day, Dr Rashmi helps you keep up with it.

You can check out her expertise here.

10. Dr Manan Vora (Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine)

All things fitness and exercise await you as doctor Manan Vora simplifies the various aspects related to physical health. His reels highlight the most tricky subjects in fun and interesting ways, thus giving the layman clarity in simple terms. If you are considering cardio, and other fitness-related activities, it may be a good idea to check out Dr Manan’s page.

You can check out his expertise here.

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