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Aam Panna Gives Vit C Boost, Better Digestion: How to Make it at Home

Aam Panna Gives Vit C Boost, Better Digestion: How to Make it at Home

Looking for a recipe to make Aam Panna at home? Here's an easy one to whip up the traditional summer drink along with the long list of its health benefits.

Summer is here and so is the season of mangoes. The pulpy tropical fruit that comes in different shades of yellow has a huge fan base across the world, especially in India.

Known as the king of fruits, mangoes are not just packed with sweetness but are also rich in nutrients. They are also one of the most versatile fruits, that can be consumed either raw or ripe and in different forms.

With the onset of summer, every Indian household is set to indulge in the goodness of mangoes by including them in their daily diet in different ways. From summer coolers to curries, this native Indian fruit has been an integral part of numerous recipes.

One such quintessential summer cooler made out of raw mangoes is Aam Panna. The drink could be relished by anyone who loves a combination of sour and sweet with a pinch of spices on their taste buds.

Not just that! Besides being an amazing summer drink, Aam Panna also carries a lot of health benefits.

Here’s a list of health benefits of drinking Aam Panna:

1. Keeps the body cool and hydrated

It is an excellent option to beat the scorching summer heat. The drink keeps the body cool and hydrated by preventing excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron from the body.

2. Promotes good gut health and digestion

Raw mangoes are rich in fibre and minerals and therefore help in good digestion. It also helps in preventing gastrointestinal problems such as acidity, constipation, morning sickness and indigestion.

3. Boosts immunity

Mangoes are one of the highest sources of Vitamin C which is essential for the immune system. The presence of this antioxidant makes the fruit an excellent immunity booster and prevents cough and cold.

4. Promotes heart health

The presence of niacin or Vitamin B3 in raw mangoes helps in reducing the risks of cardiovascular ailments. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and also in improving blood circulation.

5. Promotes liver health

Raw mangoes help in avoiding common liver ailments by stimulating bile production which in turn helps the liver to function better. Bile secretion allows cholesterol, bilirubin, toxins and drugs to be removed from the system.

Want to make Aam Panna at home? Here’s the recipe (Serves 1):

  • Take two peeled raw mangoes.
  • Wash it and boil it with 1/2 cup of water in a pressure cooker (3-4 whistles on medium flame).
  • Allow it to cool and drain the water.
  • Remove the seeds and crush them into pulp.
  • In a blending jar, add the mango pulp, sugar, a few mint leaves and 1/4 tsp of salt.
  • Blend the ingredients without water.
  • In a serving glass, add a few ice cubes, 1/3 tsp of roasted cumin powder and a pinch of black salt.
  • Add 3 tbsp of the raw mango pulp to it, add chilled water and stir well.
  • Sprinkle a pinch of jeera (cumin) powder and serve chilled.

Watch how to make Aam Panna here:

Kabita’s Kitchen (recipe)

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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