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These Teacups Save Lakhs of Litres of Water, Keep Tonnes of Plastic Away from Landfills

Teacups That Save Lakhs of Litres of Water, Keep Tonnes of Plastic Away from Landfills

Puneet Dutta’s Attaware Biodegradable Private Limited, based in Delhi, manufactures sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic and thermocol cutlery.

Indians love their tea time snack along with their morning/evening chai. But Delhi native Puneet Datta’s interesting and sustainable innovation will make you chew the teacup instead of a biscuit or rusk.

Attaware Biodegradable Private Limited is an edible cutlery company that manufactures cups, plates and spoons using wheat flour, jaggery, bajra, jowar and corn. All of them are available in different flavours like vanilla, strawberry, cardamom, tulsi, ginger, caramel, orange and coffee.

The company was launched in 2019 after six years of brainstorming. The idea of edible cutlery struck Puneet when he saw a vendor using puris as a plate and provided chole in it.

Today, the company sells more than 9.5 lakh cups per week which has a shelf-life of six months. This responsible brand has saved around 35 lakh litres of water and provided 6,000 days of employment to workers during the pandemic.

Watch the story of Attaware which prevented over 90 tonnes of plastic from entering the landfills: