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Eaten Ramphal Yet? Here’s Why You Need to Include This Powerhouse Fruit In Your Diet

Eaten Ramphal Yet? Here's Why You Need to Include This Powerhouse Fruit In Your Diet

Ramphal, also referred to as Bullock’s Heart, is a creamy and mildly sweet fruit that has a host of health benefits. Watch this video to see why this fruit is unique, and what wonders it can do for your body.

In north India, frozen Ramphal yoghurt and Ramphal Rabdi are relished delicacies. The reason isn’t just its rich creamy texture and mildly sweet taste — this hyperlocal fruit is packed with a host of health benefits that can help strengthen immunity and reduce inflammation.

You might find it hard to locate it in big cities; Ramphal, often referred to as the ‘Bullock’s Heart’ in English, is grown seasonally by rural farmers in Assam, Gujarat, Maharashtra and West Bengal.

So if you’re lucky enough to spot it at your local market, don’t forget that this is a must-have fruit in your kitchen. Whether you eat it in its raw form as a part of a thick milkshake, it can do wonders for your body!

What are the other perks of this delicious fruit? Watch this video to know more: