This Entrepreneur’s 100% Tree-Free Paper Saves 30000 Litres Of Water Every Day

Kavya Madappa, founder Bluecat Paper

Coorg entrepreneur Kavya Madappa runs Bluecat Paper, an eco-friendly startup that makes tree free paper from waste.

Growing up amid the sprawling greenery of Coorg, Kavya Madappa always harboured a deep connection with nature. But statistics surrounding environmental degradation worried her — every year, around 3-4 billion trees are cut to manufacture paper.

Her part of the solution to this is Bluecat Paper, her startup which makes tree-free paper by using industrial and agro-waste including textile waste from cotton industries, linen, flax, hemp, lemongrass, mulberry bark, rice stubble, coffee husk, banana fibre and elephant dung. This biodegradable paper is then turned into a range of products, ranging from stationery to decor.

Kavya’s startup also ensures that minimal chemicals are used in the manufacturing process of their eco-friendly product. Moreover, by upcycling waste, the startup saves about 30 tonnes of wood per month, and a minimum of 30,000 litres of water a day.

Today, Bluecat Papers has customers from over 30 countries across the world.

Watch how Kavya is using ‘waste’ to try and save the climate:

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