Techies Quit Their Jobs to Innovate India’s First Eco-Friendly Drinking Water Box

Caro Water

Suneeth Tatineni and Chaitanya Ayinapudi from Hyderabad quit their IT jobs to start Caro Water, a one-of-a-kind startup delivering drinking water in paper boxes.

On his way back from a trip to Tirupati, Suneeth Tatineni from Hyderabad realised that he and his family had consumed over 24 plastic bottles of water on a single day. This realisation made him reflect on the enormous amount of plastic waste that’s being produced daily.

This was one of the incidents that prompted Suneeth and his friend Chaitanya Ayinapudi to quit their IT jobs to set up Caro Water, India’s first eco-friendly drinking water box.

Caro’s water boxes are tamper-proof that use corrugated paper and the ‘BIB’ (bag-in-box) system.

“Our packaging reduces plastic consumption by 85% and the rest is recyclable,” says Suneeth.

The boxes can be booked via an app that also offers a subscription model for frequent deliveries. The startup also takes these boxes back for responsible recycling, by paying the customers a small percentage of money.

Watch how they built India’s first water box:

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