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5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Potting soil mixes are available online but which one is the right one for you? Read on for top picks and tips from gardening experts.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Most urban gardeners are faced with similar issues — questions about what to grow, a lack of space or lack of fertile soil. While the solution for the first two problems is situational, there are quick fixes to improve soil fertility. Many varieties of organic potting mixes are available online that promise higher yield and better results in no time.

Here are some of Amazon’s best-rated potting soil mixes which can be used to kickstart your gardening hobby.

1. Kokosflora Organic Potting Soil Mix

A plant needs many nutrients from the soil to grow healthily. This potting mix contains cocopeat, vermicompost and red soil which supply all the essential nutrients. Cocopeat is significant to retain moisture in the soil. It is ideal for seed germination and helps in bettering aeration to roots by preventing compaction of the soil. Red soil which is high in iron, lime and aluminium, fastens the growth of plants. The pack contains 10 kg of the mix, which is perfect for indoor plants.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Buy it here.

2. IFFCO Urban Gardens Magic Soil

This ready-to-use potting mix is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. It is made up of cocopeat and organic fertilisers. It provides increased water retention and adequate aeration for root penetration. It can directly be added to a pot before planting. The pack contains a 5 kg export quality soil mix.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Buy it here.

3. Ugaoo Organic Garden Soil Mix

This soil mix is ideal for indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering plants, cactus and succulents. Consisting of rich red soil and cow manure, this organic mix is ready-to-use. Fill 3/4th of the pot with the mix and place the plant in it. Lightly cover it with some more mix and sprinkle water. The process is simple and gives out great results within a few days. The pack contains 5 kg of potting mix.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Buy it here.

4. TrustBasket Succulent and Cactus Potting Soil Mix

Succulents and cacti require very little attention. These plants are fleshy and store water in their leaves/stems. Thus they need a certain type of potting soil that is appropriate for the growth. This potting mix contains well-drained, porous soil with good aeration, necessary for the healthy growth of succulents. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and is completely organic. The pack comes with 5 kg of the mix.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Buy it here.

5. Bloombuddy Potting Mixture

Suitable for growing all kinds of flowering/ fruit plants, greens, vegetables, indoor and ornamental plants in pots, this mix can be directly added to a pot. It comes with cocopeat, vermicompost, beneficial microorganisms and selected organic nutrients. The mix enables active, free and anchored sprout of seeds or growth of seedlings. It also promotes aeration of the roots. The pack contains two bags of mix with 5 kg each.

5 Best Potting Soil Mixes in India & Tips On How to Choose One For Your Plants

Buy it here.

In addition to these picks, here are some tips from gardening experts on how to choose the best potting mix for your plants.

1. Check the quantity of each ingredient:

Proportion is very important in potting. SS Radhakrishnan, a 74-year-old Chennai-based home gardener, says, “20% of the soilless potting mix has to be vermicompost or any other kind of organic manure.” He adds that 10% of your potting mix has to be an organic insecticide.

2. Customise it in your way:

Even though the potting mix is a complete package, giving your own twist will increase the produce. Neela Panchpor, a Pune-based urban gardener says that she adds a layer of dry leaves to the surface of her plant, which increases the water retention capacity. Radhakrishnan adds, “Add powdered neem cake powder to avoid insects and pests.”

3. Decide what to grow first:

Before purchasing the potting mix, decide what kind of plants are to be grown. Thereby, you can buy the mix accordingly. There are different types of soil mixes available based on the type of plants. Opting for exclusive ones will help in greater productivity.

4. Purchase based on the area available

The quantity of potting mix required is solely based on the number of pots you have/ the area you plan to convert into a garden. One-pot requires less than 500 g of potting mix. Buy accordingly to avoid wastage.

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Edited by Yoshita Rao

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