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‘100% Life, 0% Marks’: Dhimant Parekh Shares How The Better Academy Can Help You Grow

The Better India's co-founder Dhimant Parekh shares all you need to know about The Better Academy (TBA).

‘100% Life, 0% Marks’: Dhimant Parekh Shares How The Better Academy Can Help You Grow

Since its inception, The Better India (TBI) has covered thousands of real-life heroes who identified problems, took the initiative, and made a difference. In turn, these stories have inspired millions of Indians to start working towards a better life for themselves.

We constantly get requests from our readers to help them get in touch with our protagonists. Many want to take similar paths as the changemakers they read about or launch their own social startup. But, most want information about something specific – building a hydroponic farm or gardening at home.

All these requests got us thinking: how can we bridge this gap and help people in their journey to build a better life?

How we came to that answer and what it looks like is what our co-founder Dhimant Parekh is here to clarify. So here’s all you need to know about The Better Academy (TBA).

How would you define The Better Academy in the simplest form for all our readers?

It is your go-to platform for anything you want to learn to lead a better life. But, unlike other academies, at TBA, we talk 100% about life and 0% about marks or ranks!

How did The Better Academy come about?

Whenever we shared a story, people wrote back asking how they could also do this. That was the genesis of TBA. We have been writing about people who identified problems and implemented solutions. What was missing was translating their journey into actionable modules for others to follow. Now, we are filling that gap through TBA by converting the learnings of a changemaker’s journey into a course that anybody can take and become successful in their respective fields. The best part about TBA is providing our learners with a direct platform to converse with the facilitators. This allows a free flow of knowledge and builds better relationships.

Want to learn how to grow your own food organically and make an impact on yourself and your environment? Join this course on Urban Farming brought to you by The Better Academy. Learn all about building a food forest in your backyard from a regenerative farmer with more than 5 years of practical experience.

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When did The Better Academy start?

The idea was always there. We wanted to go beyond storytelling and help our readers provide an easy way to learn how to do what our changemakers were doing. But officially, six months back is when we proactively started working on The Better Academy. Today, we have ten vibrant courses aiming to help you lead a better life. We will be adding more courses in the coming months.

Who are these courses for?

TBA is open to everyone who wants to take a step in the direction of self-improvement and self-development. If you want to become a better version of yourself, then these courses are for you!

Our aim is not limited to upskilling from a professional or corporate perspective, but we want to go deeper and better people at an individual level.

Can you tell us about the courses currently offered by The Better Academy?

As I said, we have ten courses available on TBA as of now. These courses are from different categories. For example, we have a gardening course and a course on starting your social enterprise. One course teaches you how to grow food in your backyard. Industry leaders curate all these courses in a simple yet detailed manner.

Are you looking at creating positive social change in society? Do you want to build a social start-up? Join this course on learning how to build Social Startups. Brought to you by The Better Academy, this course is meant to equip and educate the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

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What kind of new courses can we expect?

The guiding light for every (new) course is that it will support an individual’s growth. So, anything and everything that aligns with a better ‘me’ will be our focus. So, for instance, courses like ‘how do I manage physical and mental health,’ or ‘how do i manage my wealth’, can be expected to be on TBA.

Lastly, How do you see The Better Academy pan out in the next few years?

Our goal is to bring a revolution in self-development and self-improvement in the country. While other education platforms primarily focus on academic success or upskilling for the corporate sector, not a lot is happening to address personal development, which is equally important – if not more. So, we aim to be the largest self-development and self-improvement platform that helps you achieve your personal goals, devoid of any academic or corporate rankings.

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