Taal, Tadgola, Nungu: Ice Apples, India’s Traditional Saviour in the Summers

Known as Nungu, Tadgola, Taal and Taati Ningu,Ice Apple is the perfect fruit for summers, thanks to its host of health benefits.

Ice apples are ideal for the sweltering heat of Indian summers. The thirst-quenching fruit is known by different names across the country and is believed to have originated in India.

Resembling litchis because of its translucent wobbly textures, this fruit is not just refreshing, but also nutritious. Despite being low in calories, it’s rich in calcium, phytonutrients and several vitamins.

Apart from being a refresher, the fruit is also used in cooking. In Bengal, the flesh is used to make bora or fritters, and in Tamil Nadu, it’s used to make payasam.

In addition, the palm tree that bears ice apples has multiple uses. Its fan-shaped leaves can be used to make mats, baskets, etc, and the sap from its floral branches, known as neera, is a nourishing drink. The sap is also used to make palm jaggery and if fermented, makes a kind of country liquor known as toddy.

Watch this video to learn more about this refreshing fruit: