This Tiny Innovative Pouch is India’s Biodegradable Solution for Spit-Free Streets

Ritu Malhotra

Ezyspit, founded by Ritu Malhotra Pratik Malhotra and Pratik Harde from Nagpur, is a reusable mobile spittoon that solidifies spit droplets in seconds. Here’s how it works.

Spitting in public continues to be a menace across the country, even after it was made a punishable offence. As a solution to this nasty habit, Nagpur-based Ritu Malhotra has come up with a pocket-sized biodegradable spittoon.

The Ezyspit is a reusable mobile spittoon that solidifies droplets in seconds and contains materials that trap the microbes present in the saliva. These biodegradable spittoons also contain seeds that will grow into a plant when disposed of.

“This way we aim to plant trees all over India by helping people spit responsibly,” says Ritu Malhotra.

Several organisations like the Indian Railways have now tied up with Ritu in her initiative to reduce public spitting.

Here’s how Ezyspit works:

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