Meet the 25-YO Who Left His US Job to Create India’s First Wildlife OTT Platform

Meet the 25-YO Who Left His US Job to Create India’s First Wildlife OTT Platform

Suyash Keshari, a wildlife photographer and enthusiast has given shape to India's first wildlife OTT platform.

As a kid, Suyash Keshari’s favourite television channels were the Discovery and Animal Planet channels. His curiosity and love for wildlife remained with him as he grew up, which made him quit a well-paying job in the US.

And so he returned to India with a decision to become a full-time wildlife photographer.

Today, his work has earned him praises from Nat Geo and Sanctuary Asia. He also made a series called Safari with Suyash. It was released by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

This 25-year-old is now the founder of India’s first wildlife OTT platform.

The youngster has always been a fan of internationally acclaimed presenters like Bear Grylls and Steve Irvin.

“Wildlife has fascinated me my entire life. It began at a very tender age of four, under the influence and tutelage of my late grandfather. What began as disgust for animals kept in captivity slowly transformed into love and thirst for learning about the last remaining wild places on our planet,” he wrote on his website.

He is on a mission to present the rich wildlife of our country to the people through his platform.

Watch his extraordinary journey here:



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Suyesh Keshari

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