‘To Send My Grandkids To School, I’ve Been Selling Idlis & Dosas For Under Rs 5’

Mangamma at her shop

Bengaluru resident Mangamma has been serving idlis and dosas fo Rs 2.50 and Rs 5 respectively for the last three decades. Watch this video to see why she does it.

Mangamma, a resident of VV Puram in Bengaluru, has been selling idlis and dosas for the past 30 years.

Besides the fact that her food has remained consistently delicious for the last three decades, what makes it so appealing is that it’s only sold for Rs 2.50 and Rs 5 respectively.

The 65-year-old, who is also a heart patient, started this venture to support her family of four daughters and a son. After losing her husband 20 years ago, things became increasingly tense at home. The advent of the pandemic has not made anything easier, she says.

“My son lost his job during the pandemic. We are struggling so much that we cannot afford the education of my grandchildren. They have been sitting at home for a year now,” she notes.

As things remain difficult for this family, Mangamma, who considers herself a fighter, has decided to continue her work as long as her body allows. But for this, she needs your help.

Watch this video to see how she carries on, and how you could help her:

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