Kerala Man Sources Grains from Farmers, Makes Multi-Grain, Sugar-Free Sweet Oats

Kerala Man Sources Grains from Farmers, Makes Multi-Grain, Sugar-Free Sweet Oats

Rejimon Thankachan from Kollam in Kerala, uses 22 different varieties of grains to make sugar-free but sweet oats under his brand Glorys Foods.

Oats are often considered bland even though they are one of the healthiest and gluten-free grains. But Rejimon Thankachan, an entrepreneur from Kollam in Kerala, has come up with a twist that makes oats healthier and tastier.

Rejimon’s multi-grain sweet oats are available in two different varieties – sugar-free and sweet oats, where the latter is specially made for kids. He uses 22 different types of grains in the product, including banana powder, green gram, Bengal gram, urad dal, chickpeas and lentils. These make the product extra healthy and rich in protein.

The 44-year-old entrepreneur secured a licence for food production in 2010. He tried selling many other products like the Arabic bread Kuboos but he ended up enduring losses. It was only in 2019 that he introduced oats under his brand — Glorys Foods.

“During the process of setting up a food processing unit, I attended several classes and the idea of multi-grain oats arose from there. I customised it my way and it turned out better than the rest. Since such a product is not new in the market, I wanted to add something unique. That’s how sweet oats were made,” says Rejimon.

The brand now reaches 12 districts in Kerala with customers in Pune, Gujarat and Bengaluru as well. “We don’t have many distributors outside Kerala. But there are some regular customers. I believe getting repeat customers is a sign that the product is good. Since we haven’t invested a lot in marketing, our sales mostly happen through word of mouth,” says the entrepreneur.

Rejimon worked in the construction field in multiple Gulf countries for more than 14 years. Later, he started Glorys Foods to be closer to home and own a business in his native place. He has 21 employees in his company, of which 16 are involved in in-house activities.

Kerala Man Sources Grains from Farmers, Makes Multi-Grain, Sugar-Free Sweet Oats
There are 21 employees in the company, of which 16 are involved in in-house activities.

Other than simply selling the product, Rejimon experiments with it and develops new recipes too. “Typical Kerala breakfasts like idli, dosa, puttu and upma can be made using oats. Also, quick healthy options like shakes can be prepared easily by just blending oats and any preferred fruit,” he suggests.

Both varieties of Rejimon’s oats cost Rs 125 per 500 gram. Apart from oats, Glorys Foods also manufactures a healthy rusk.

The brand sells 20,000 packets per month. Rejimon says, “The initial years involved a bit of struggle but now we receive good profit which can be utilised for better marketing.”

Kerala Man Sources Grains from Farmers, Makes Multi-Grain, Sugar-Free Sweet Oats
The brand sells 20,000 packets per month.

The entrepreneur is planning to make the products available online too. Right now, it is available in supermarkets and medical stores in Kerala.

The entrepreneur suggests two healthy recipes using multi-grain sweet oats:

Oats and fruit shake


Multi-grain sweet oats – 2 cups
Apple – 1
Honey – to taste

Blend all the ingredients in water/ coconut water/ coconut milk. Add honey to taste and refrigerate. Serve it chilled.

Oats Puttu (Steam cake)


Multi-grain sugar-free oats – 2 cups
Shredded coconut – ½ cup
Salt – to taste
Banana (optional) – 1

Sprinkle water in the powdered oats and make it slightly wet and mix well. Add salt and shredded coconut too. Cut the banana into small pieces. Use a puttu maker and add the mix along with banana pieces as layers into it. Steam it well for 20 minutes. Have it hot with boiled vegetables or the authentic Kerala kadala (Bengal gram) curry.

Contact Glorys Foods on +91 8086433822 to purchase their products.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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