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Watch: How Kerala School Aims to be Carbon Neutral With Bamboo Gardens & Solar Lights

Chavara Public School Kerala

Chavara Public School in Kerala is working its way to becoming Kerala’s first carbon-neutral school through its unique green initiatives.

Over the years, Chavara Darsan CMI Public School in Kerala’s Koonammavu city is on its way to becoming a carbon-neutral school with a herbal garden and an organic vegetable farm. All thanks to members of the Nature Club who set up these initiatives with help from the Department of Agriculture.

The school has a bamboo garden that boasts over 34 varieties of bamboo from different parts of the country, spread over half an acre of land. Near the garden is a small poultry farm with hens and ducks, as well as goats, dogs, rabbits, and even love birds.

When it comes to farming, the school practices several carbon-neutral natural methods to grow vegetables, paddy, herbs and several other plants within the campus sans harmful chemicals.

Last year, the school cultivated around 500 kg of organic vegetables which was sold by the students through an eco-shop set in the school. “The earnings from the eco-shop are used for environmental and agricultural activities in the school,” says Father Tommy Kochelanjickal, Principal of the school.

The education institution is also trying to reduce its power consumption by using LED bulbs and solar lights.

Here’s a sneak peek of the school’s green initiatives: