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The Better India’s Video Helps 3D Printing Startup Get Funding Offer from Anand Mahindra 

Anand Mahindra 3D printed house

Chennai-based startup, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions founded by IIT-Madras alumnus Adithya VS is in talks with Anand Mahindra, after they received a funding offer from him

We, at The Better India (TBI), pride ourselves on the impact we create. While the popular TV show Shark Tank has become the most-watched series only recently, TBI has been bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and investors for years.

One such example is one of our stories published in April 2021 about innovative 3-D printed houses built by the IIT Madras alumnus. The alumni conceived a deep tech startup, Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, and created the technology to make affordable houses in urban areas. Founder and CEO Adithya VS did so by manufacturing a 1BHK house in the IIT Madras campus.

A video of the house released on TBI’s social media demonstrating the house features went viral recently. It grabbed the attention of many, including the entrepreneur and chairman of Mahindra Group — Anand Mahindra, who expressed his interest in investing in the sector.

Anand Mahindra admitted to following the startup’s work in 3D printing and lauded their efforts. He then offered to invest in seed funding.

Company representatives from Tvasta say the tweet caught them by surprise. “We received a call from Anand Mahindra’s office and the talks have begun. As a startup, to be receiving such open encouragement and attention is most reassuring. We were further surprised by how swiftly his representative reached out to our team for discussions by the end of the day. This taught us a few lessons too. We are in the early stages of discussions and will reveal details when finalised. It would be too early to comment and share details but we are grateful for TBI to facilitate the same,” the Tvasta representative says, adding, “We have received an overwhelming response across all sectors since the video went viral.”

Anand Mahindra’s tweet saw quick reactions of netizens responding from multiple handles such as IIT Madras, IIT Madras Alumni, Startup India and others.

“The quality of responses is very heartening and encouraging for us as a team. It is heartening to see the willingness to place their trust in a startup like us and it is encouraging because of how they are willing to be open to new technology,” the Tvasta representative says.

“A home is a dream for many people in our country. On average, people build one home in their lifetime, potentially their largest and most significant investment. We hope to benefit as many people as possible to make their dream come true,” the person adds.

Edited by Yoshita Rao