Watch: IIT-M’s Tvasta Can Print Sustainable Homes in Just A Few Weeks

Watch: IIT-M's Tvasta Can Print Sustainable Homes in 5 Days for Rs 5 Lakh

Inside the 3D-printed house built by Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a startup by three alumni of IIT-Madras, lies a solution for India's and the world's housing problems.

To own a house is a dream for many but cost and durability are major worries. And Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a startup by three alumni of IIT-Madras, has come up with a successful solution. The trio has built India’s first 3D-printed house within 21 days.

Other than being fast and budget-friendly, the construction took place by generating minimum waste.

The standard 3D printer can build a 2000-sq-ft house in less than a week. Traditional methods of construction take at least two months for the same.

Another major advantage of the houses constructed using 3D printers is that they can also be customised as per geographical and climatic conditions. This minimises the use of additional heating or cooling equipment thereby reducing energy consumption.

The builders said that it took 21 days to construct the house, which would’ve otherwise taken five days. However, today, the reality at Tvasta is, a superstructure can be built in a week to 10 days (conditions apply).

This apartment comprises a bedroom, hall and a kitchen with a built-up area of 600 square feet.

“The focus is to make the process available to all sections of the construction industry, including affordable housing and large-scale infrastructure building,” said Adithya VS, the CEO of Tvasta to The Better India.

Undoubtedly, this startup can solve housing problems faced by India and the world at large.

Take a sneak-peek of the 3D-printed house here: