Librarian Learns to Grow 200+ Varieties of Veggies on His Terrace via Facebook

Dr Ganesh Kulkarni on his terrace garden

Aurangabad-based Dr Ganesh Kulkarni’s grows a terrace garden with seasonal vegetables, fruits, and flowers through tips from Facebook. He also mentors several newcomers in urban gardening.

Social media platforms help us connect with our friends and keep up with the trends. But for Dr Ganesh Kulkarni from Aurangabad, Facebook is also a platform for learning.

Dr Ganesh, the 41-year-old librarian with no experience in gardening, began his research online and ended up learning the tricks and trades of gardening through Facebook. There were several gardening groups like ‘Gacchivaril Baug’ (terrace garden) in the platform from where he started seeking inputs from urban gardeners all over India.

Now he grows over 200 varieties of vegetables, fruits and flowers on his 800 sq ft terrace.

“Every season I plant different varieties of vegetables like spinach, sorrel leaves, soya, coriander leaves, brinjal, tomato, potato, ginger, etc,” Dr Ganesh Kulkarni tells The Better India.

Dr Ganesh who plants different vegetables every fortnight says that the food he grows is adequate to feed his family of four.

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After his endeavour grew popular in his circle, he created a WhatsApp group where people could exchange plants and discuss topics related to gardening. He says that the group now has around 1,500 members and “With this group, I can give gardening tips to people either by visiting their house or through videos,” he adds.

His newfound hobby is now inspiring many to take up terrace gardening and he has become a mentor to several newcomers.

Watch how Dr Ganesh Kulkarni found joy in terrace gardening: