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18 Must-Have Bamboo Products For Your Sustainable Home

18 Must-Have Bamboo Products For Your Sustainable Home

Switching to bamboo products is one of the easiest eco-friendly decisions you can make. From bamboo toothbrush to zero-electricity speakers, here's a shopping list for all things bamboo.

Have you ever thought about the hundred innovative uses of bamboo? Today, you have bamboo combs, bamboo toothbrushes and even bicycles!

The reason highlighting all of these products is important is that one of the burgeoning problems today is single-use and microplastic waste. Of the total plastic produced in the world, 79 per cent end up in landfills or is scattered around. So shifting to eco-friendly alternatives becomes crucial.

Bamboo is an excellent material to manufacture any type of product. Over 1,000 varieties of bamboo are available presently and can aid industries to produce various types of goods without strain. Additionally, products made of bamboo are unique in style, too.

Here are some bamboo-based utility products whose usage can be a basic step towards a sustainable lifestyle:

1. Comb

Bamboo hair comb/brush is a sustainable alternative to regular plastic ones. People usually spend a huge amount of time and money to select perfect hair care products. But without a good comb, all that effort is wasted. Usage of bamboo combs is said to gain benefits like a healthy scalp, frizz reduction, improved circulation and thus better hair growth. It is widely available both online and offline too.

Buy the product here.

2. Toothbrush

Even the humble toothbrush, which we use daily, are also made using bamboo. Its bristles are made out of nylon or corn fibre and the handle is made of bamboo which makes the product sustainable. The carbonisation finishing process of bamboo provides water resistance and prevents the growth of microbes. Therefore, the product is anti-bacterial and biodegradable.

Buy the product here.

3. Bicycle

Shifting to a bicycle itself is an eco-conscious decision. A bamboo bicycle is an even greater notion. The natural vibration dampening properties of bamboo makes the bicycle better than any other one. Even though Bamboo is a lightweight material, its tensile strength is greater than that of carbon, aluminium or steel. Its compression strength is greater than that of concrete too.

Buy the product here.

4. Pen

A branded pen is always regarded as a perfect premium gift. Opting for a bamboo pen can be a unique and eco-friendly idea. The sleek body made of bamboo makes for a stylish and comfortable pen. Some of them even come with a premium case.

Buy the product here.

5. Earbuds

Even though not used daily, earbuds are a utility product. It comes usually made out of plastic. The non-biodegradable waste thereby produced is large. This can be solved by shifting to bamboo earbuds. The raw materials used here are bamboo sticks and cotton.

Buy the product here.

6. Coffee/Tea mug

Most of our mugs are made of ceramic or plastic. A bamboo one is a sustainable option that is healthier too. It is wholly made of processed bamboo which has antibacterial properties. Moreover, they are available for below Rs 300.

Buy the product here.

7. Razor

People of all genders mostly find razors useful. They are changed periodically which contributes to the amount of plastic waste. A bamboo razor can be used for a longer time and is eco-friendly too. Blades are the only things that need to be replaced frequently.

Buy the product here.

8. Straw

Another major single-use plastic item that can be completely avoided is switching to bamboo straws. This can be reused after proper cleaning. Four such straws come for 159. A cleaner and pouch are also included in the set. They are long-lasting and completely biodegradable.

Buy the product here.

9. Soap Case

These soap cases can be pierced into the bathroom wall or kept in a corner. For any purpose, there is a bamboo-based option available. It serves the same purpose as a plastic case but is long-lasting.

Buy the product here.

10. Laptop table

Since work from home is the new normal, you may find yourself sitting in front of a laptop for extended periods. For those who are turning their favourite corner of the house into a workplace, a laptop table is essential. From the wide range of materials available online, you can’t miss this vintage looking bamboo table.

Buy the product here.

11. Bottle

Who doesn’t love a change to the daily used plastic bottle? Extra points and health benefits if it is made of biodegradable material like bamboo! It is stylish and also keeps your water chilled. Bamboo flasks are also available online which come with a stainless steel twist.

Buy the product here.

12. Tissue paper box

Tissue paper boxes are irreplaceable be it your bedroom, washroom, car or cafe you visit. Made out of bamboo pulp, this paper takes less time to degrade than usual tissue papers. It is also not white bleached. This paraben and chlorine-free product come at a lesser price too.

Buy the product here.

13. Waste Bin

One of the simplest ways to show that you advocate for sustainability is changing your plastic bin to an eco-friendly bamboo bin. It is available for the same price and same usage but reduces your share of carbon footprint. Also, it gives a refreshing look to the kitchen corner.

Buy the product here.

14. Shelves Rack

Keep your shoes/books/newspapers/plant pots in an organised manner with the help of this bamboo rack. Similar plastic racks are available for a cheaper price but if you care for the environment and believe in keeping your home stylish, choose this option. It comes in various price ranges which are mostly below Rs 1,000.

Buy the product here.

15. Cutting Board

Aren’t you bored of seeing the same white cutting board in every single house? There is an option to pick a bamboo board to cut your veggies/meat/fruits in style. It is not expensive either. It is made extra thick to prevent cracking or warping. It is also long-lasting.

Buy the product here.

16. Portable Speaker

This humble and simple DIY speaker uses zero electricity and no Bluetooth connection. Simply place the mobile phone in the slot and play your favourite music. The material enhances bass, treble and sound, which is the same as a Bluetooth speaker. You can even use the slot as a facial tissue dispenser.

Buy the product here.

17. Sunglasses

Add a vintage yet eco-friendly look to your daily beachwear with bamboo framed sunglasses. Made from lightweight material it is also easily foldable. It is unisex and lasts for a longer period just like any other branded glass.

Buy the product here

18. Watch

Bamboo is so flexible that it can even be turned into a watch. The bamboo link bands are foldable and expandable. They are unpainted but well polished to retain the rustic look of the material. This is another unisex product.

Buy the product here.


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Edited by Yoshita Rao

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