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Once Unable to Get a Job, ‘MA English Chaiwali’ Now Inspires Others Like Her

Once Unable to Get a Job, 'MA English Chaiwali' Now Inspires Others Like Her

Tuktuki Das, a 26-year-old MA English graduate, opened a tea shop in Habra railway station with the hope of turning it into a brand someday.

West Bengal-native Tuktuki Das was constantly trying to realise her parents’ dreams. Today, at the age of 26, she is going after what she truly wants.

Tuktuki completed her Masters in English in 2020 and aimed for a government job, abiding by her parents’ wishes. But despite multiple attempts, she couldn’t find a job.

But giving up was never an option for her. So, she breathed life to an idea she had nurtured for long — to become a businesswoman. And by opening a tea stall in Habra railway station, she took the first step to achieving this dream.

Tuktuki’s parents were not supportive of this idea at first. But seeing her confidence soar, they gave a heartfelt nod.

“Initially, I was not happy with her decision, as we educated her with the hope that she would become a teacher but she ended up wanting to sell tea. I reconsidered and thought that if this is her decision to become self-reliant, then that’s good [enough],” said Tuktuki Das’s father Prashanto Das to News18.

That’s how MA English Chaiwali came into being in November 2021. This tea shop located in North 24 Parganas, now has regular customers as well as other travellers.

She is greatly inspired by billionaire Prafull Billore, founder of the startup MBA Chaiwali.

Tuktuki hopes to expand her idea to many places just as Prafull did and become a successful entrepreneur.

Watch Tuktuki build a brand of her own:

Image credits: Intagram/Tuktuki Das