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What is Digital Marketing? Here’s How to Easily Master Marketing & Boost Your Resume

What is Digital Marketing? Here’s How to Easily Master Marketing & Boost Your Resume

The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program by The Better India can help you learn what is digital marketing, how to be a digital marketing expert and make you eligible for high paying jobs.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk on ‘Digital Marketing (DM).’

Many people still do not know what it is or if they are eligible to pursue it. Some even opt for a Digital Marketing course without knowing what to expect.

If you are one such person, look no further.

Marketing in the digital world

Whether it is a business or an NGO, everything requires attracting consumers. One cannot move ahead if their service/ product does attract attention.

Marketing, then, becomes a crucial skill for any venture. However, with everything online nowadays, marketing also requires specific tailoring for the digital world. This knowledge is what has come to be called digital marketing.

Do you see an Instagram post or an online article and think, ‘I can make it better!’ Then, my friend DM is for you.

There is a high requirement for intelligent digital marketers to enhance a business’s online presence and boost sales. According to recent trends, it is also one of the highest-paying jobs of 2022.

How can you become a digital marketer?

Currently, there are not many colleges that provide full-time digital marketing degrees. The best way to learn about digital marketing is – no brownie points for guessing – digitally!

A digital marketing course equips you with the knowledge of various tools, sites, and techniques required to enhance the online presence of your brand and boost sales. This course opens doors to many careers such as a Web Developer, Social Media Manager, DM Executive, SEO Analyst, etc.

If done right, the course in DM will heighten your chances to get employed, and then, the world is your canvas! After all, according to Forbes, 13% of Fortune 100 CEOs come from a marketing background.

While you can choose any DM course available online, we recommend the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship Program by The Better India, in association with ‘,’ to get one step closer to employability!

Why this Digital Marketing program?

Because the program provides you with practical knowledge and an opportunity to work with leaders in the DM space. You also obtain a chance to get interviewed by them. All this, of course, in a span of six weeks. Isn’t that amazing?

What will you learn?

  1. Analyzing the marketing industry and how to spot trends
  2. Bringing forward innovative solutions for challenges
  3. Creating a digital expansion plan
  4. Designing the final strategy

What are you waiting for?

Register with us today at and give your career a much-needed boost!

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