Why a Painter has Fed 8 Lakh Free Meals to People Visiting Govt Hospitals in Bengaluru

Why a Painter has Fed 8 Lakh Free Meals to People Visiting Govt Hospitals in Bengaluru

This inspiring auto painter from Bengaluru has been on a mission to feed lakhs of hungry hospital visitors and bystanders for the past five years, absolutely free of cost. Watch why he was motivated to take up this cause here.

“Kisi bhukhe ko khana khilana duniya mein sabse badi charity hai (The greatest charity in the world is to feed the hungry),” says Bengaluru-born Syed Gulab, who provides free food to bystanders waiting outside government hospitals in the city every day.

Syed, who worked as an auto painter for 10 years, was inspired to start this selfless service after a visit to a hospital, where his friend’s daughter had been admitted. Here, he saw how hundreds of visitors outside the hospital stayed hungry for hours due to a lack of money, often only being able to afford one meal a day.

Moved, he reached out to social activist Azhar Maqsusi, the founder of Sani Welfare Foundation, which feeds over 1,500 people a day. On Maqsusi’s advice and encouragement, Syed started bringing food to feed 200 people outside the Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health from the very next day.

For the first six months, Syed served meals only on Sundays. Later, he registered his ‘Roti Charity Trust’ to make it a daily affair. He also sought official permission from the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of TB and Chest Diseases to set up his stall on campus for a few hours every day.

In the last five years, Syed has fed more than 8 lakh people.

Many inspired individuals and organisations contribute to this initiative, some with cash, and some with food. Others help prepare the food served to the bystanders.

Watch how Syed is using love and compassion to benefit lakhs of people here:

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