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How to use the car wash

Dilute 5 ml of the car wash in 500 ml of water. Spray this solution on stains and dirt and wipe them clean. You need not use any more water before or after wiping the stains. Tyres and mudguards may require more effort but since you will scrutinise every part of the car, you are sure to have a spotless, sparkling car in the end.

Why use a rinseless car wash?

Water is a precious resource and we need to watch how and how much we use it. When washing a car clean, we tend to use hundreds of litres of water but some spots usually go unchecked. This polish demands you scrutinise every part and leaves you with a clean car without using much water!

Tell me more!

Go waterless with your washing

Saves Water

From several buckets to one bottle of water, you bring down your water bills by a huge margin.

Chemical Free

The polish contains no phosphates, abrasives or harsh chemicals. It is water-based and pH neutral.


Safe on your hands, the car wash can be used on glass, rubber, plastics, paint and metal. Clean the interiors and exterior of your car with it!


One bottle is 250 ml. If you polish your car every week, the < Rs 700 bottle will last you roughly a year.

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