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Why switch to menstrual cups?

Conventional sanitary pads have a lot of plastic content. In addition to polluting the planet, they also make you vulnerable to rashes and vaginal infections. A menstrual cup is safe to use, extremely comfortable and lasts for up to 10 years. The only thing acting as a barrier are the taboos associated with intra-vaginal menstrual products and with the inhibitions about how safe they are.

What to expect in the webinar:

Dr Lata Ghanshamnani is a menstrual cup user and the founder of 'R Nisarg', a Thane-based NGO that works towards sustainability. In the hour-long webinar, will be focused around the use of sustainable menstrual products like a cup. She will address issues like safety concerns about menstrual cups, taboo around the hymen, questions about young girls using them etc. You can join in the talk and enjoy a safe, comfortable period!

Tell me more about this!

This 1-hour webinar will help you have a happy period!


One menstrual cup lasts 10 years. This webinar can help you get a planet-friendly, low-cost and comfortable period.


Log on to the internet from anywhere in India and get all the information on your screen. Access is everything.

Breaks Taboos

Taboos about the hymen, intra-vaginal products etc keep women from using the cup. This workshop addresses all of it.

Happy Period

Menstrual cups are so comfortable to use, you will forget the association of periods with rashes, infections and stains.

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