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Case in Point: Hemp

Claim: Hemp is the next big thing that must replace cotton

What we found out:

  • An ancient crop still grown across the world, hemp requires just 20 per cent of the water that cotton takes to grow. The water-intensive cotton drinks about 75 lakh litre water per hectare.
  • Much like cotton, hemp plants too can be woven into comfortable, soft fabrics that are in fact, sturdier than their cotton counterparts.
  • What’s more, the same plant can be used to make hair oil, nutrition powder, soaps, lip balms and body butter. 
  • Rich in protein, amino acids, fibre, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and Vitamin E, hemp seeds and their powder is a perfect diet supplement for vegetarians and vegans.
  • The nutrients found in hemp aid in improving skin texture, reducing inflammation in the body, keeping the heart healthy as well as in relieving rheumatoid arthritis!



Uses just 20 per cent of water as compared to cotton

Sustainable Agriculture

This eco-friendly crop doesn’t demand much water or chemical fertilisers to grow


Fabric, oil, creams and more can be made from the same crop


Extremely good for our skin and internal health



Often mistaken for marijuana. Hemp is actually a different variety of the plant.

Less Awareness

Which has led to limited cultivation of the crop although more and more entrepreneurs are exploring its advantages

Cutting to the chase

We must explore the benefits of growing hemp and increase its cultivation in a country like India which experiences water scarcity frequently.



Here’s a range of hemp products that you can use to look stylish, have great skin and boost hair health!

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This hemp seed powder contains all the 20 amino acids. Amino acids combine to form proteins and proteins are the building blocks of life! This makes it ideal for children, athletes, vegans, and vegetarians. It has all the essential fatty acids that aid in digestion.

Whenever you are on an online shopping spree, try these stylish clothes made of hemp fabric. They will keep you comfortable on the inside and fashionable on the outside!

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