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Watch: He Failed UPSC & Turned to Grow Mushrooms Which Earns Him Lakhs

Abhay Bishnoi started JB Capital along with his friends Manish and Sandeep to produce Cordyceps Militaris (aka super mushrooms) that can fight diabetes and heart diseases.

It wasn’t long ago that Abhay Bishnoi dreamed of becoming a civil servant when he quit his job in 2013. But failing the exam, he turned to Cordyceps Militaris mushrooms, better known as super mushrooms, to start a lucrative business.

“I quit my job and began taking coaching for the UPSC, other civil services, and banking. However, I couldn’t crack any of them,” Abhay said.

Abhay and his childhood friends Manish and Sandeep started JB Capital after conducting thorough research about this mushroom variety.

These ‘super mushrooms’ are used in the treatment of diabetes and heart diseases.

The trio attended training sessions in Thailand and resorted to YouTube videos to learn how to produce rare mushrooms. The process required extreme care in a controlled atmosphere, and they had many trials and errors.

The bootstrapped startup began with an investment of Rs 12 lakhs and started growing mushrooms in 1,200 jars.

Slowly but steadily, they reeled in Rs 6 lakh in one quarter with 8 kg of mushrooms. The super mushrooms cost Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per kg.

Today, with one unit in Rajasthan, they have recently expanded their online presence on Flipkart, Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

“We are earning from what we love the most and helping improve the health of others,” Abhay added.

Watch the full story of these successful and passionate entrepreneurs: