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Keezhadi Excavation: Who Were These Ancient Indians? Here’s What Findings Reveal

Keezhadi Excavation: Who Were These Ancient Indians? Here's What Findings Reveal

Keezhadi excavation, Tamil Nadu: Here are some of the fascinating findings at one of India's most sensational archaeological projects.

Sangam era is considered as the Golden Age of Tamil culture which dates back to 580 BCE. The Archaeological Survey of India explored the region along the banks of river Vaigai in Tamil Nadu during 2013-2014 to find remains of this era.

Interesting finds like beads made of glass, terracotta, pearls, figurines, roof tiles and pottery were seen in the Keezhadi region which points to the existence of an urban habitation similar to Indus valley or gangetic sites.

However, these findings suggest that the Sangam era could be 300 years older than thought. The graffiti on pots refers to an age over 2000 years ago. Exemplary engineering skills were also spotted in the form of architectural remains at Keezhadi. All of them are to be exhibited in a separate museum funded by the state government.

Experts say that the town could have also played a role in the Roman trade as remains of it were discovered. This project, in fact, has the potential to find who were the actual ancient Indians and shed light on the history of Tamil Nadu.

Watch this video to know more about the ever-interesting Keezhadi excavation: