Now Doppler Radars will Prevent Flight Delays at Indian Airports

To avoid flight delays, exclusive doppler radars will be used to monitor weather and wind pattern. Here's more to know.

To avoid flight delays, exclusive doppler radars will be used to monitor weather and wind pattern. Here’s more to know.

Often turbulence in weather causes unexpected flight delays ruining our planned journeys. But those days will soon be in the past as Indian Meteorological Department is working on a proposal to install Doppler weather radars for airports.

The decision was taken on the request of Airport Authority of India, citing the reason that inefficient forecast has often disrupted the schedules of flights at major airports. In extreme winter fog and in cases of thunderstorms, flights often get cancelled or delayed causing inconvenience for both passengers and airlines.

Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) can monitor weather patters and also identify low-level, rapidly-changing wind pattern.



Used exclusively in aviation, reports generated by TDWR can be very comprehensive and useful for the airlines.

General doppler radars are already being used in Chennai and 17 other locations, but exclusive radars are needed at airports to monitor the wind patterns.

Doppler radars also make it easy to see and avoid microburst that produce strong wind shear and can be dangerous for the aircraft during take-off and landing.

These radars will also help the pilot to adjust the speed according to the wind pattern.

Currently there are no TDWRs in the country and airlines have suggested to install them at Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, Bengaluru and Mangalore.

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