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IRCTC buys new servers to make E-ticketing better, faster.

The IRCTC is buying new 5 servers, in addition to the previous two, to improve the website efficiency.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) had introduced e-ticketing in 2002 and, while a lot of us are miffed by the time the site takes to load, we all do grudgingly admit that the facility does a lot of  good that needs no elaboration. Now, we can take our grumbling down as IRCTC is going to get even better with the installation of five new servers to speed up its e-ticketing operations.

The servers are going to be imported from Singapore. These five servers are in addition to the already equipped servers in use, two of which were installed just last month to double the peak time efficiency.


Source: Wikipedia

The two new servers lightened the load of Tatkal peak time rush. They are Linux-enabled servers, substantially raising the online booking capacity, much to the relief of passengers wanting to book a Tatkal ticket.

On an average, the site provides service to 5.5 – 6 lakh visitors, selling 14,800 tickets per minute. The latter number will go up smoothly with the introduction of the new servers. It also sells 54% of the tickets for the railway. Therefore, the five new servers are a much awaited and welcome development.

The number of concurrent users is 180,000 and it is expected to rise to 300,000. Also, the current capacity to issue 15,000 tickets per minute will also rise. The high speed servers are thus expected to improve the website’s performance including improvement in efficiency of the website, log-in time and payment gateway.

Screenshot from 2015-06-27 10:34:58
A screenshot of the current homepage of the Digital portal of IRCTC.
IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director AK Manocha said on Friday to The Indian Express, “Five new HP Itanium servers, to be installed shortly in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS), would considerably speed up the booking of e-tickets and streamline the Next Generation E-Ticketing System (NGET).”

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