Unsung Hero: Domestic Help Feeds 800 Stray Dogs Daily, Climbs Down Wells to Rescue Them

Rajani Shetty from Mangaluru feeds 800 stray animals on a daily basis.

Mangaluru-based Rajani Shetty cooks 200 kg of food for over 800 strays on a daily basis. Here's her inspiring story.

While travelling via bus, Rajani Shetty saw a stray dog begging for food in the street. But instead of turning a blind eye, she got off the bus and fed the dog. Since that day, she has been rescuing and feeding hundreds of stray animals in Mangaluru.

Rajani works as domestic help and finds time to cook food for the animals every day. Around 200 kg of rice and chicken is prepared which feeds over 800 stray animals in the city.

Other than satisfying their hunger, she also rescues them from dangerous environments. Rajani bravely climbs down wells and crawls through drainage holes in order to save their lives.

In a period of 15 years, she has rescued over 2,000 animals.

“It only takes some food to make them love you unconditionally. The happiness they show when they see me is all I want in life,” says Rajani.

Watch this compassionate human’s story here:

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